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Make Yourself Proud.

In an environment that is built to propel you forward

Our Facility & Memberships

Want to step out of the big-box gyms to a less crowded facility with a selection of curated functional equipment? Our private facility allows members (and non-members) to work with our trainers to reach their individual fitness and wellness goals. Our flexible hours and FOB access allows you to train at the times that you choose. 


A membership shall remain in "term" during the initial 12 months of purchase. A cancellation fee of $99.00 +tax will apply to any membership cancelled before the end of the initial 12-month term. Once the initial term is complete, membership will continue unless cancelled and no cancellation fee will apply. All cancellations or changes to membership require a 2-week notice. If pre-set payments fall within the 2-week period after signing the cancellation form, they will not be refunded. Any future payments after the 2-week period will stopped.

Additionally, there will be a charge for any NSF fees incurred due to insufficient funds. 

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